Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I download the game instructions?

Yes, click here to Download English Instructions

+ Can only one couple play and benefit from the game?

Yes! If you play with only one other person, just keep drawing cards that do not have to do with multiple players. With over 220 cards it will never get old!

+ Can I get the game in different languages?

Yes, new languages coming end of 2017! To get notified when available, and other exciting Couplicious news, be sure to sign up by clicking the Account menu, or like us on Facebook
*The game board is designed without words and does not require another language version. Only the playing cards and instructions need to be printed in other languages. Email us on the Contact menu for card deck pricing.

+ Can I order replacement cards if mine get lost or ruined?

Yes. Click on the Contact menu and send us a request and we will notify you of cost + shipping.

+ Can everyone be the same sex?

Totally your preference! We are looking into a game and card deck for gay/lesbian couples in the near future.

Yes. Email us using the contact link at bottom of home page or click on the “Contact” menu

+ Do you have other card decks and/or merchandise available?

We will be creating exciting new card decks as well as other Couplicious merchandise. Come back soon and check the “Products” menu. Sign up by clicking the “Account” menu and/or like us on to be notified of new products, card decks in other languages, and other exciting news and events!

+ Do I have to be a swinger to play?

No. We have tested (played) Couplicious with people who have never been in the lifestyle and they had a blast!

+ Will this force people to have sex with me or my partner?

No. You should set any limits if you have them. There are no cards that describe having actual intercourse. Only erotic play. 

+ Will the game get old after I play it a few times?

Not at all!  There are so many cards and variations, we have found this game can be played over and over and every new player brings their own unique fun

+ What if I am not comfortable with something a game card is telling me to do?

No Problem, just return a Cock Block Card to the deck. *This game is meant for couples of all comfort levels. It can be as wild as the group wants, or as tame. It’s up to the people you are playing with. We recommend that no one be pressured into performing a certain act if they are not comfortable. If a player is unwilling to perform a task, pick another card. If a player simply is too embarrassed to perform a task, suggest that they give up a Cock Block Card and move on. If the player refusing to do the action has no Cock Block Cards yet, he/she refills everyone’s drink.

+ Where can I find a Couplicious Party near me?

Find players at any of the highly respected and well-known swinger sites. You can see a review of the top siteshere at, Our Game includes a free one-month membership to We will be adding new partners soon!